Thursday, October 24, 2013

L'Oreal La Laque lipstick review

This is a follow up to the L'Oreal Le Matte lipsticks I reviewed earlier this week. The other finish these came in was a laquer/shiny formula called La Laque. I thought I would like this formula better. I picked up two of these, and both colors seem to have two different formulas. I'll explain more below.

L'Oreal Colour Riche La Laque

Description: (written on the side of the tube)
Shiny Full Coverage Lip Color

Shade range: 4 shades- mauve pink, purple/pink, deep red, orange red
Price: $7.99
Availability: Limited Edition and only found at Target on a special display in the L'Oreal section. (Note: the displays at Target are now being replaced. Look for these lipsticks on end caps in the clearance section to find them on sale!)

Packaging: This is a long, skinny stick so it can act as a lip liner and lipstick in one. It makes it easier to line your lips, but be careful and make sure you fill in your lips with the same amount of pressure or you'll end up with a harsh line.
Scent: These smell like the original L'Oreal lipsticks...not too pleasant. To me it's a plastic and sweet smell rolled into one. I don't notice the scent or a taste once I apply.

The colors: 413 Laque-Onic- This is a bright red, with more of a blue undertone. This would be perfect for a night out. It has full coverage with one swipe. This is a perfect color for the holidays! I found this formula to be super creamy, and very shiny, just like the packaging says. It lasted 2-3 hours on me, and left my lips with a slight stain. This one does transfer very easily onto cups, napkins, etc. My lips did not dry out and the product did not settle into lines. This color is so bright, it almost looks fake in photos.
wearing 413 Laque-Onic

411 Never Laquer-ing- This is a mauve pink. It's a "my lips but better" shade. I absolutely love the color. It is more pink than mauve (compared to Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey), and instantly brightens up my face. It's a great go-to, natural color. However, the formula is not as creamy and shiny as the other color. I'm not sure if I got a dud, but this one almost has a matte finish. It's more drying on my lips and doesn't last as long. I'm disappointed because I really love the color. If you've tried this one, let me know if you had the same problem.

wearing 411 Never Laquer-ing
Overall thoughts: These colors in the Laquer section are beautiful. The formulas were hit and miss for me. If I had to choose between La Laquer and Le Matte, I'd go with the matte finish. I hope that these become a part of their regular line.

Overall Score: B


Thin Mints
*While in CVS the other day, I noticed a new display of Revlon Balms. They had a matte finish and a laquer finish....sound familiar. I've tried both and so far not impressed with the matte finish. I'll review them after I've tried them more.
*Winter decided to make an early appearance. The high today is in the 40's! Brrrr  I am not a fan of cold weather.
*Soap and Glory Hand Food has saved my hands from being dry and cracked now that the air is dry. If only I could find something to help my thin, frizzy hair.


  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you in a Halloween tag!! I hope you get a chance to do it :)
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  2. So one question from a friend who avoids lip glosses: How do you do it with long hair?? Every time I put on lip gloss, I spend the day trying to un-stick my hair from my mouth. :)

  3. The colors look good on you. I hope I can still find at least one color from le matte and le laque. I would love to try them.