Sunday, October 20, 2013

L'oreal Le Matte lipsticks Review

This might be the month of lipsticks. I keep finding great formulas that I'm excited to share! This particular one is limited edition and only available at Target. So, if you're a lip product junkie like me, you may want to rush out today and look for these! There is also a La Laque finish as well. I'll cover those in another post this week.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Matte

Description: (written on the side of the tube)
Velvety Full Coverage Lip Color

Shade range: 4 shades- nude, deep wine, coral, red/pink
Price: $7.99
Availability: Limited Edition and only found at Target on a special display in the L'Oreal section.

Packaging: This is a long, skinny stick so it can act as a lip liner and lipstick in one. I really like that, but if you compare the amount of product you're getting compared to a regular lipstick, it's significantly less.
Scent: These smell like the original L'Oreal lipsticks...not too pleasant. To me it's a plastic and sweet smell rolled into one. I don't notice the scent or a taste once I apply.

The colors: The color 409 Matte for Me is a gorgeous bright pink with red undertones that would look great on lots of skin tones. It really does go one full coverage with one swipe and lasts a really long time.  I can apply this in the morning and still have a stain on my lips when I come home 5 hours later, even after eating a snack.

Here is the lipstick freshly applied:

Here is what it looked like 3 hours later (a little fading in the middle but overall, the color is still there):

wearing 409 Matte for Me
I also picked up number 404 Matte-r of Fact. The tube looks like it would be a dark reddish brown, but it actually comes off as a beautiful burgundy red. It is the perfect fall color! Just like the color above, it lasts a good 3-4 hours on me. I do notice that the color wears down a little more in the middle of my lip. I can add a gloss over top throughout the day to keep a berry stain for hours.
wearing 404 Matte-r of Fact

 Overall thoughts: I really love this formula! I think the colors are gorgeous, but I don't like the very limited selection. Four colors isn't enough! The other two Le Matte shades were a nude color (nude and matte just don't sound appealing to me), and a coral/pink, which seems more of a spring color so I haven't gotten that one. I would say that if you're looking for a full coverage lip color that will leave a stain on your lips and won't over dry your lips out, then grab these before they're gone! Hopefully with all the rave reviews these have gotten, L'Oreal will bring them back in their regular collection.

Overall score: A+

**Update: I ended up finding 408 She's So Matte (a coral/pink shade) in the Clearance section of Target. The color is gorgeous. It has more of a pink tone to It than most corals, so I think it makes it more wearable than most.  The display has now been changed out, so look for these in the Clearance section.


Thin Mints
*I picked up two La Laque shades that are also in this limited edition collection. I'll be blogging about these tomorrow.
*Winter has arrived early in TN. Of course I have early morning car duty this week and it's going to be 34 degrees most mornings! I have to get my sweaters out of storage!
*We took our daughter to Boo at the Zoo tonight and had a blast!

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